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J. Jonah Jameson On the New Avengers Movie [Video]

Have you heard about the upcoming Avengers movie? That was a joke, of course you have. And, you’ve probably noticed a great deal of cross-promotion of everything from 7-11 to Harley-Davidson. One of the more amusing promos comes from Farmer’s Insurance. After all, the amount of collateral damage bound to happen in that film spells [...]

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Lightning - Thumbpress - 1

Horrifying Lightning Storm Over Albuquerque, New Mexico

I would definitely shit my pants if I see this in real.

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Universal Wrapping Paper

Universal Wrapping Paper

Whatever the occasion is, just highlight it, put a ribbon and voila !

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Drunk LOLs: The Best of Scumbag Alcohol (10 Memes)

We all do stupid and crazy things when we’re intoxicated. While our drunk adventures are usually unique, there are still instances that are common throughout. Giving voice (er… a photo and some text, more accurately) to this situation is the brilliant Scumbag Alcohol meme. You can check out its captioned pictures below and LOL your [...]

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First world stoner problems

Rich Stoner Dilemmas: First World Stoner Problems (11 Hilarious Memes)

It’s just you and me – the rich smoke weed too! And when there’s weed, there’re problems! Check out the hilarious First World Stoner Problems meme that highlights what it is like to be rich and stoned out of your brains… and have problems about it. (via) (via) (via)  (via)  (via) (via)  (via)  (via)  (via) [...]

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Stick Deodorant Prank - 1

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The Prank That Ensures Hilarity (6 steps)

It doesn’t matter that April 1st has passed, you can still piss off one of your friends with this practically hilarious prank. I know, I’m going to. Cheers Prankked :)

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Jellyfish Lake

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10 Amazing Alien-Like Places on Our World That Are From Another Planet

We have convinced ourselves that we know what our Earth looks like. Normally we do not look beyond the seas, mountains, land, and deserts. But what we fail to notice is that there are numerous places on Earth that defy our notion of the typical Earthly landscape. If you visited these places, you would definitely [...]

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Plastic Bags - 1

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Shopping Bags, As Creative As It Gets (29 Pics)

Only if I could get my hands on some of these. Imagining the fun I’ll have!                                                                               [...]

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Awesome Eyes and fur

15 Pictures That Define The Cute Factor

Presenting another series of cute animals that will surely make you go Awww!                            

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Facebook Makes it Easy to Mess Up Your Relationships (21 Funny Pics)

Relationships are not easy. And when they’re on Facebook, they’re just a recipe for destruction. Your significant other or you can say something stupid and all on a public forum! Check out the following hilarious examples to know what I mean.                             [...]

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